Our amateur boxing program is a comprehensive program specifically tailored to improve your unique abilities. Improve fundamentals, punching power, explosiveness, speed and agility. One on one boxing fitness is not just about boxing, It’s about being the best in boxing and being in the best shape your could possibly be in to achieve your success in the ring. If competitive boxing is your goal, it is a long, yet satisfying road ahead.

Do you have the heart to push yourself past your previously conceived pain threshold? Are you willing to battle through exhaustion and continue working until that final bell? Every sport has its elite athletes, but any of them would reach physical failure after a few rounds in the ring. In a boxing match, you will have two opponents: the boxer in the opposite corner, and fatigue. Boxing takes athletes to a whole new level. Not only must a boxer maintain his physical condition to throw punches and move constantly round after round, but also maintain his mental composure as he rapidly calculates his opponents next moves, as well as his own. This mental and physical combination can take an overwhelming toll on the body of even the most elite of athletes. To combat and prepare for such exhaustion, a boxer must train mind and body alike, drilling cardio and technique religiously. Such training will undoubtedly leave you in the best shape of your life. Although there is no amateur requirement to become a professional boxer, amateur experience is highly recommended. Most successful professional boxers have not only amateur experience, but national and even Olympic experience as well. Above all, the successful boxer, whether professional or amateur, must rely on one key component: a good trainer. No two people are alike, so no two fighters are alike.

A good trainer cares enough about each individual fighter to look as deeply as possible and scrutinize every characteristic that makes each person who they are. While some fighters are ready to spar after a month of training, another fighter of the exact same physical condition and skill set may take two or three more months to be mentally prepared. A good, competent coach will recognize this and step back, not pushing the fighter into a sparring match he/she is not mentally prepared for and crushing the spirit, drive, desire, and most of all the confidence of that young fighter.

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