Bound Boxing Academy



Our boxing academy offers this program for the amateur or professional boxer who wants to take their boxing skills to a higher level. We are a traveling team and compete regularly throughout the nation.

  • Advanced Mittwork
  • Man to Man Drills
  • Advanced Sparring
  • Competition Conditioning

Non Competitive

For individuals who want to learn the fundamentals of boxing and train like professional boxers with our boxing gym program. Sparring is optional once the fundamentals are learned.

  • Build Confidence
  • Increase Physical abilities
  • Learn Self Defense
  • Stay Healthy and in Shape

Why Join the BBA


Physical activities improves your overall health. It's great for your heart and blood vessels which reduce the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. You will develop strength, speed and balance.


Boxing will result to a healthier body physique. You tone your muscles and get lean but you don't have to get bulky. You look good, feel better about yourself and most importantly know how to defend yourself.


You find inner strength even when your body is exhausted. Your self-confidence helps with all of life's challenges with a more positive outlook. You will be more calm and confident in a confrontation.

Stress Relief

Excercise is the ultimate stress reliever because you simultaneously release endorphines, increase your energy and build confidence. You will instantly feel better and be better suited to handle any upcoming problems or projects.

Self Defense

Learning proper self defense techniques is one thing that anyone can do to increase their own personal safety. If you know how to defend yourself you will be more calm and be able to avoid getting physical.


You'll be encouraged to take chances and learn to never give up. You will always push yourself further than you ever thought possible. Qualities associated with self-discipline include will power and persistence.


  • Nancy BeltranSource: Facebook

    La verdad yo estoy muy contenta con el resultado que he visto en mi hijo. Sale de la escuela al box, a la casa y llega súper cansado pero content. Se ha desiplinado mucho..!!

  • Cesar VargasSource: Google

    I started about a month and have already lost 13 pounds, hard work and determination really pays off.

  • Adam ArellanoSource: Google

    Great coaches great training, everything you could ask for.

  • Jorge RiveraSource: Google

    Bound Boxing is a great place for training and coaches are awesome. My son is excited that I moved him gyms and says he likes his new coaches better I have to agree with him. Thanks guys your the best.

  • Ray MezaSource: Facebook

    My Boys, Wife, And Brothers love this place!!! Even my Parents love the way Coach Juan Medina coaches the Athletes!!! He's not the usual coach he's in the High Olympic Level for Amateur Boxers(as for my boys).

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